Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And the winner is...

This semester, the Inorganic Chemistry students were required to memorize the periodic table.  Why, one might ask?  Well because those who could would receive the rights to brag about their skills at memorizing the periodic table.  Oh and there was a prize.

Without further ado, the Master of the Periodic Table for fall of 2009 was awarded to Laurence Quinn.  In honor of his noble work, Laurence received a pair of periodic table socks, much like the ones I have been known to wear.  (Don't worry, I'm fairly certain he's got the new pair and I'm still wearing the older ones.)

Overall, I was very impressed with the students' efforts this semester, with most of them able to make a periodic table with only a few minor errors (note, the runner up in the Master of the periodic table competition had two hydrogens and no helium on his entry, ahem Brian).  Laurence's entry is below.  Who will be able to beat this next year?

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